Why Motorcycle Riders Need Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

If you ride a motorcycle, you know that travel is about so much more than just getting to your destination. Your motorcycle allows you to experience the journey in a totally different way than is possible from behind the wheel of a car. The feel of the wind in your face and the road under your wheels helps make every moment spent on your bike special, and after a motorcycle accident, you want a motorcycle accident lawyer  like Barry P. Goldberg who can help you get back out on the open road as soon as possible.

The Road as Seen From the Rider’s Seat

Most motorcyclists have had their share of near misses, when only another driver’s last-second mirror check or a hasty swerve to avoid a car entering their lane kept them from injury or worse. Too many drivers simply don’t have the awareness or experience to look, listen, and respect the motorcycles sharing the road.

Most drivers, personal injury attorneys, and courts are more familiar with driving a car or getting in an auto accident than with riding, and possibly being injured on, a motorcycle. If you’re involved in an accident on your bike, you might feel like no one understands what happened or why. That’s why finding an attorney with experience getting results for clients in motorcycle accidents can make such a difference in your future. 

If you’ve been injured in an accident while out riding, a general personal injury lawyer may not be able to relate to your experience. You need an attorney who can help insurance companies and juries understand the road from your perspective and appreciate how easy it is for a driver’s simple mistake to cause you a lifetime of trouble. 

Smart Questions, Powerful Results

Auto drivers who have never ridden a motorcycle can have a hard time remembering to check blind spots for those smaller, more agile vehicles. It may be easy for them to argue in good faith that the motorcycle must have caused the accident, even when facts point to a different explanation. An attorney with experience in motorcycle accidents is more likely to know how to ask the right questions and where to seek additional information to help the truth come to light.

Your legal representative needs to be able to appreciate and articulate the facts of your case. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, don’t play games with your future. Find an attorney with the experience and knowledge to get you the compensation you deserve.