Daycare Injuries

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Our children are our most precious things in our lives. Unfortunately for most of us, we also have to rely upon caregivers to take care of our children while we are working to provide them the best life we can as parents. Consumers should expect that when they leave their children with a caregiver they will be taken care of the same way that they would be taken care of in their own homes. Unfortunately sometimes, however, that is not the case.    

Law Office of John W. Shaw, PLLC

If Injured, The Daycare Center is Not Your Friend

You Need An Advocate on Your Side

If your child is injured while in a daycare, the daycare center has a financial interest in refuting any claim that their employees acts or failures to act, or that their premises itself was defective were the reason for your child’s daycare injuries. That’s because, a finding that a a child was injured by an employee or through some defect in the premises can have severe consequences with childcare licensing agencies and can negatively affect the desire of other parents to place their children into the care of that daycare center.   

You need a lawyer and a law firm that will fight with the daycare center from the very beginning to determine how your child was injured and hold them accountable for injuring or allowing your child to be injured by making sure that they treat you and compensate your child fairly for the injuries that they sustained as a result of their injuries.

If you have a child who has been injured, or you have a child who was killed while in a daycare center, contact us by using the form below or by calling our law firm now.