Vehicle v. Pedestrian

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A standard vehicle weighs on average 5,000 pounds. Factor in that in Texas, a lot of people drive pickup trucks and SUV’s, taking your morning walk, going to the grocery store, or simply taking a stroll around the park can be dangerous. Accidents between pedestrian’s and vehicles rarely work out positively for the pedestrian. In most cases they result in serious injuries or death. 

Law Office of John W. Shaw, PLLC

The Driver’s Insurance Company is Not Your Friend

You Need An Advocate on Your Side

The insurance company for the driver that hit you is not really there to find out the truth about what happened and pay you what is fair and reasonable for your injuries. Instead, they are there to figure out how to pay as little as possible to you for the injuries that their driver caused you when you were hit by a car. That’s because, insurance companies are only truly concerned about protecting their profits.   

You need a lawyer and a law firm that will fight with the insurance company from the very beginning to hold the insurance company’s feet to the fire and make sure that they treat you and compensate you fairly for the injuries that you sustained as a result of being hit by a car.

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