When To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

Oklahoma City Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are thinking “do I need a personal injury lawyer?” or know someone who has been injured due to negligence, an accident, or by a form of misconduct, then it is time to seek legal counsel. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about personal injuries from the personal injury lawyer.

When Should You File a Personal Injury Claim?
Unfortunately, there are strict deadlines for the amount of time an individual has to file a personal injury lawsuit. Every state has a law around the statute of limitations for various areas of practice which can range from 1 to 6 years, making it crucial for individuals to file their claims within the legal time frame. 

How Do I Know If My Case is Past the Statute of Limitations?
Depending on your type of personal injury case, the countdown typically begins the day the event occurred. The consequences of filing a lawsuit after the applicable deadline increases your chances of the court dismissing your case and losing any chance of getting compensated for your injury or loss.

A majority of personal injury lawyers do not charge for consultations, so there is little to no investment in seeing if you are within the statute of limitations for the type of case and state laws. Even if your deadline to file has passed, there are extenuating circumstances that can extend the amount of time you have.

How to File a Personal Injury Claim?
To prepare for your lawsuit, you will need to be able to explain the basis for your case to file a formal complaint, often called a “petition”. A lawyer will help draft the official complaint with the information in the caption on the plaintiff (the individual filing), the defendant (the individual(s) being filed against), and the court involved; along with the necessary signatures. 

How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?
Personal injury lawyers typically don’t charge you anything unless you win so that the client’s financial risk in hiring an attorney to represent them is minimized. If you win the settlement, the attorney will take a contingency fee which is a percentage of the recovered compensation. 

However there can be a few additional expenses to keep in mind outside of legal representation. Depending on the state you are filing in, they could require you to file a summons. A document notifying and explaining to the defendant why they are being sued as an official summons from the court, which can cost an average of $100 to $500. 

Associated costs are influenced by the court fees and area of practice for your case. Your legal counsel may be able to estimate the additional expenses that may occur. This price can vary based on the complexity, size, and type of case your personal injury lawsuit falls under.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of a personal injury, contact a good personal injury lawyer today.