What Can Drivers Do if a Car Wreck is Caused By a Fabric Defect?

Auto Accident Lawyer

Some car wrecks are caused by driver inattention and driving under the influence, but in some cases, a wreck might be the result of a defective car part. Some systems may break down without warning and cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles, so when this occurs, who is at fault? As an auto accident lawyer can explain, fortunately, drivers who find themselves accused of causing a car accident have several options if they believe vehicle malfunction is the main cause behind the wreck. 

Contact a Mechanic 

Drivers who believe a defective car part caused their accident may want to contact a trusted mechanic as soon as possible so he or she can check each of the systems. There are several different automotive parts that might fail without warning, including: 

  • Tires 
  • Brakes 
  • Steering 
  • Clutches 

Sudden acceleration, deceleration or a deviation out of a designated car lane can all cause a serious car wreck, so having a report from a certified mechanic in hand may help prove a driver’s case that a defect, not operator error, caused the accident. 

Check Recall Lists 

Most car manufacturers perform a voluntary recall if a defect is found in a certain make and model, but drivers who are unaware of such a circumstance may have continued to drive their vehicle. There is a government recall database available online, but there are no laws that make consumers responsible for searching such lists. 

Contact an Attorney 

While a driver might suspect a defective part caused an accident, hiring an attorney can help prove this fact and satisfy the burden of guilt. Attorneys may have access to certain records and information drivers may not be able to gather on their own, as well as having important experience when it comes to speaking with insurance adjusters and other individuals involved with the accident. 

Discuss Manufacturer Fault 

Attorneys may be able to find fault with the car manufacturer and shift blame away from drivers who experienced an accident due to part failure. While drivers are required to keep vehicles maintained, a hidden defect does not fall under such a circumstance. Defective spot welds and computer system errors are often contributed to unexpected driving events, and in many cases, the vehicle manufacturer may be held liable for injuries and property damage. 

If you experience a car crash and believe a faulty car part is to blame, you may feel that you have nowhere to turn. However, help is available. Contact an attorney today for a consultation and for further assistance.