Qualities To Look For In A Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Qualities To Look For In A Workers' Comp Lawyer - Workers Compensation Accident Injury Concept

Workers Compensation Lawyer

A full-time job means spending around 40 hours a week at your workplace or more. This is a significant chunk of time spent doing work; whether you’re unloading a heavy freight truck, welding construction beams, or typing data into spreadsheets, accidents can occur. When these accidents happen, you might be entitled to workers’ compensation. 

While workers’ compensation is designed to protect employees should they get injured or sick on the job, it’s not always a straightforward process. Sometimes it’s in your best interest to hire an attorney. We’ll explore specific qualities you should seek when “shopping” for a lawyer. 

The Right Kind of Experience

For starters, you want an attorney with the right experience. Of course, you should hire someone who specializes in workers’ compensation, but the right experience also includes other factors: 

  1. Similar Cases

Obtaining workers’ compensation for a broken arm is much different than a traumatic brain injury and very different than chemical poisoning. Additionally, particular industries or employers can offer challenges. Therefore, selecting an attorney who has worked on cases that overlap with your own predicament is better. 

  1. A Proven Track Record 

You also want an attorney that can win cases. Of course, winning a legal case looks much different than winning a sports match. Compromises might need to be made, but ultimately, an attorney “winning” a workers’ compensation case means you receive workers’ compensation and a fair settlement or court award. Compensation should cover all of your immediate and foreseeable medical expenses. It should also cover lost wages and, if necessary, job rehabilitation or disability benefits. 

  1. Satisfied Clients

While fellow legal colleagues are trustworthy references, satisfied clients make a better impression on people. Therefore, a qualified attorney shouldn’t hesitate to provide you with many happy client references. They may openly share them on their website or provide you with some at your initial meeting without asking. 

  1. Litigation and Trial Experience

Legal cases aren’t sports matches—contrary to what legal dramas may lead you to believe. Most cases are settled outside of court, usually for both parties’ betterment. Of course, a qualified lawyer tries to settle outside of court. The right lawyer, however, won’t be afraid to take a case to trial. 

  1. They’re Easy to Communicate With

You also want an attorney that you can easily communicate with. When meeting with an attorney, be sure to ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Does the attorney explain things in a way I can easily understand? 
  • Does the attorney plainly answer any questions or clear up any confusion? 
  • Does the attorney provide realistic and objective outcomes? 
  • Do I feel relaxed and at ease with this attorney? 

These are all questions you should consider. While factors like feeling comfortable around your attorney sound extremely subjective, they are important. You can communicate with an attorney for several months or more while they help settle your workers’ compensation case. You want a workers compensation lawyer you can communicate with and trust—something our friends at Hurwitz, Whitcher & Molloy, LLP can confirm.