Wrongful Death Lawyer

When you’ve lost a loved one, it’s difficult, no matter the circumstances. However, the circumstances can make it even more difficult, especially when those circumstances involve negligence. Hiring a wrongful death lawyer  can help to bring you and your family closure. The more experienced the lawyer, the better, and the Therman Law Offices, LTD and other similar offices have enough experience under their belts to put your minds at rest while you are trying to grieve and process the death of a loved one. 

Let’s dive into the benefits of hiring a wrongful death lawyer, and how they can help your family and loved ones.

The Legal Process

Your lawyer is going to understand the legal processes that surround a wrongful death. Your lawyer is going to typically specialize in wrongful death cases and have a detailed expertise in this field. This is great because the legal processes can be extensive and often differ between states. Your lawyer is going to have the knowledge to help build your case, from what is relevant to what is not relevant to the case. 

There are legal documents that must be completed and filed, and if they are done wrong your case can fall apart. Having a wrongful death lawyer will ensure that your documentations are filled out right and filed correctly. 

Furthermore, these cases can be time consuming and this is especially true if you attempt to go through this process on your own. You don’t have the knowledge that you’d need to properly navigate the legal situations involved in a wrongful death case, but a wrongful death lawyer does. And they can save you time and money because this process is very complicated and there’s a lot of strict deadlines. 

The details of your case can require a lot of time to determine, especially if you attempt to tackle this by yourself. With a lawyer at your side, though, you can grieve and spend time with your family while you heal from your emotional pain.

Because your wrongful death lawyer has experience in this area, dealing with similar situations to your own, they’ll be able to value your claim. This is more or less a guesstimate of how much your claim is worth, but it’d be a good basis for a starting point, to ensure that you don’t go any lower than what your lawyer values the case at. 

When valuing a wrongful death case, your lawyer is going to take into consideration:

  • Medical expenses that you paid or are in-debted to over your loved one’s care.
  • The cost of the funeral.
  • Any lost earnings or income, especially true if your loved one was the primary “breadwinner” in the family.
  • Pain and suffering of both your loved one and your family.

Wrongful death lawyers have seen a lot, and they’ve handled a lot of different cases with different circumstances. Find a lawyer you trust to help you handle the tedious paperwork and details of a court case, so you can grieve with your family.