Personal Injury Lawyer San Antonio TX

Personal Injury Lawyer San Antonio TX

Personal Injury Lawyer San Antonio TX

Accidents can be devastating, and fortunately, an experienced personal injury lawyer San Antonio, TX victims recommend, is available to help you face your case head-on. The days following your accident will be critical, and victims must take the appropriate steps right from the start to ensure you receive the care you need and safeguard your case. Finding a lawyer to represent you with the tenacity and experience you need will be necessary. The Law Office of John W. Shaw, PLLC, has not only the expertise you rely on but can provide you with the support that you need to ensure the best outcome possible.  

Take the Rights Steps, From the Start

The wake of an accident can be incredibly overwhelming. At the scene, chaos is sure to ensue, and the days to follow can be rife with physical pain. Knowing where to start and who to turn to can be challenging. To protect yourself, victims must take the proper steps immediately following an accident:

  1. Make sure that police are called to the scene
  2. File a police report or accident report
  3. Seek medical attention immediately
  4. Follow the doctor’s orders
  5. Gather as much evidence as possible
  6. Contact a lawyer

Personal injury cases can be complicated and overwhelming, especially when managing physical injuries and the pain that is sure to follow. Our personal injury lawyer in San Antonio, TX can help sort through the different facets of the law and ensure that the proper steps are taken to receive the best outcome possible. 

Finding a Lawyer to Represent You

You don’t have to be entirely sure that you are taking legal action to search for a lawyer in the area. However, by taking the time to find a lawyer to represent you will be critical. This will allow you to receive the best possible way to move forward with your case and ensure that you choose a professional that you can depend on. Here are some things to keep in mind when searching for a lawyer:

  • Conduct online research
  • Speak with people you know
  • Read reviews available online
  • Only consider lawyers with personal injury experience
  • Meet with prospective lawyers
  • Prepare for your consultation ahead of time

While the task of finding a lawyer may seem like a lot of work, the time you put into finding a legal professional will allow for the best possible resolution to your case.

Signs You Should Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

At our law firm, we have experience representing clients who have not been adequately compensated for their damages, injuries, and losses. This may be either due to the long-term aspects of their injuries, the insurance company refuses to pay, they are underinsured, or other complicated legal issues. Accidents are always disorienting and harrowing, especially if the victim only narrowly escaped with their life.

Accidents commonly result in grievous injuries that are costly in medical expenses. By obtaining a legal team to represent your accident as it is being handled, it helps to protect your best interests. Additionally, it can make all the difference to have someone to seek justice and monetary compensation for your recovery.

Not every accident requires getting support from a legal professional. However, if any of these elements apply to your case, then we strongly recommend doing so as soon as possible:

  • You were severely injured. In states where the insurance company for the person at-fault is responsible for covering the medical costs of the victim driver, less serious injuries are not likely to exceed a policy limit. But if an injury is severe, the victim risks only being compensated for a small portion of what they have to pay out of their own pocket for treatment of injuries (as a result of the liable party’s insurance policy limits). 
  • There was a defective product or mechanical failure. If there is reason to suspect that an accident was because of a malfunction of a vehicle part, then it is vital that you contact a lawyer. The legal process for proving a third party manufacturer was liable for the accident can be confusing. We can ensure that you have the proper documentation and that a full investigation of the accident is performed. 
  • You are on permanent or long-term disability. If your injuries resulted in chronic pain and/or long-term disability, then you will need someone to help you fight for fair compensation so you can recover without draining your bank account. We firmly believe that victims should not have to pay for medical bills that accumulated because someone else was being negligent or reckless. We can aggressively pursue restitution from the offending party or parties. 
  • The insurance agency is not paying enough. You may have already accepted a settlement offer by the insurance company, but soon realized it wasn’t enough to cover your losses. Or maybe you haven’t accepted a settlement offer yet, and want to know whether you should take it or not. Without even knowing how much they offered you, we would probably guess that the amount is not sufficient to compensate you 100% for losses and damages. That is why you need a lawyer on your side, to watch out for your best interests so you don’t get taken advantage of.

Your Questions Answered

If you were injured by another person’s mistake or negligent actions, please get medical help and then call a personal injury lawyer in San Antonio, TX. Below are some of the most common questions and answers about personal injury claims and lawsuits. 

What Are Examples of Personal Injury Cases?

Broadly speaking, a personal injury claim can be filed when you have been injured because of the negligent actions, or inactions, of another party. At our firm, the most common personal injury cases we handle, include:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Workplace accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Defective product cases
  • Premise liability accidents

If you are unsure whether or not you have a valid case, we would recommend that you call our San Antonio, Texas personal injury lawyer. 

How Do I Know If I Meet the Requirements for a Claim?

In general, a claim can be filed when you were harmed by another person. A lawyer will need to establish many things, most importantly:

  • The defendant owed you a duty of care.
  • Defendant failed to adhere to that duty. 
  • There was causation that existed between your injuries and Defendant’s actions or inactions. 
  • Your injuries and damages were a direct result of Defendant’s actions. 

What Damages Can I Recover?

Damages are typically compensatory in nature. What this means is they are meant to return you to the state you were in prior to the accident – or as much as possible. A personal injury lawyer in San Antonio, TX will review your case to determine if you are eligible for damages like:

  • Medical bills 
  • Prospective medical bills
  • Lost wages or loss of income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of the ability to enjoy life
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of consortium
  • What is My Case Worth?

It is not possible to gauge the value of your case or how it will be resolved (settlement or lawsuit). Furthermore, your health must come first. The best thing you can do is to follow your doctor’s orders, treat your injuries, and call a lawyer to review your legal options. 

I Am Receiving Workers’ Compensation. Should I Talk with a Lawyer?

In general, yes, you should call a personal injury lawyer in San Antonio, TX to find out whether or not you have the option to file a claim. Money received from workers’ comp is not the same as money received from a personal injury claim. Workers’ comp offers baseline compensation for any injured worker regardless of who was at fault. Sometimes, this will be the only available compensation. However, when it can be proven that a party separate from your work caused the injured, a personal injury claim might be pursuable. 

That’s where a personal injury lawsuit comes in, allowing injured parties to potentially recover all of the expenses which have resulted from an accident. But because you can’t sue your employer, a personal injury lawsuit may only be filed against a third-party, such as a contractor, subcontractor, property owner, or equipment manufacturer, who is responsible for causing your accident. A good attorney will have a working understanding of workers’ compensation laws, and when a personal injury lawsuit can be filed.

Experience You Can Rely On

After searching for a lawyer, we are confident that you will find our services to stand out from all the others. Our firm is dedicated to helping clients who face the most challenging times of their lives with compassion and dedication. When facing such a difficult time, you can rest assured that you are in our trusting and capable hands. Our distinguished and confident lawyer is prepared to help you tackle your case head-on with our years of experience. 

An accident that has resulted in the hands of a negligent party can be incredibly challenging to deal with. The process of managing a legal case will call on the services that our team can provide. In Texas, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases is two years, meaning the time to act is now. Contact our San Antonio, Texas personal injury lawyer to learn more about our  Law Office of John W. Shaw, PLLC services and how we can best represent you.