Do I Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

Car Accident Lawyer

Many victims suffer major injuries as a result of car accidents. As a car accident lawyer like one from The Hernan Law Firm can explain, there are many legal services that you can obtain if you are an accident victim. However, we understand that it can be tough to know whether hiring a lawyer is the right move. Here are some of the scenarios that may indicate that you could benefit from a car accident lawyer.

You Have a High Amount of Medical Expenses

Medical debt is one of the top issues that car accident victims deal with. Though many car accident victims suffer minor injuries, some of them experience injuries which require more extensive treatment plans. Such injuries can result in temporary or permanent disabilities, demanding long-term care. A car accident lawyer can be your fiercest advocate so that you can recover the compensation amount you are entitled to. 

You Are Being Offered a Low Settlement

Dealing with insurance companies is one of the most frustrating parts of a car accident. Following the aftermath of an accident, you will have to speak with the insurance company and file an accident claim. They may try to give you an initial settlement offer, but if you are given an offer you should not accept it without first consulting with a lawyer. They will let you know if further negotiations must be made. 

You Were Struck By a Reckless Driver

When a driver is charged with criminal reckless driving, it means that they are driving in a manner that deliberately disregards their safety or the safety of the people around them. Examples of reckless driving include driving under the influence, street racing and speeding. Pedestrians are injured every day because of drivers who don’t pay any attention to the potential consequences of their driving behavior.

You Are Unsure of What to Do 

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the claims process, you should meet with a lawyer to determine the best course of action after a car accident. With their knowledge and experience helping clients who have faced issues which are similar to yours, you have a higher chance of obtaining a successful case outcome. 

There is limited time to file a car accident claim. Don’t wait too long to act or you may lose your right to recover compensation. To learn more about how you can receive legal assistance from a trusted car accident lawyer, schedule a risk-free consultation.