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If you’ve been injured in an accident, it’s important to connect with a car wreck lawyer San Antonio, TX residents trust. Scheduling a risk-free consultation will allow you to clarify your options, protect your rights, and ultimately make an informed decision about whether to file legal action at this time. Some accident victims choose not to file legal action. Instead, the experienced Texas legal team at The Law Office of John W. Shaw, PLLC works to ensure that any insurance settlements they’re entitled to are fairly valued and promptly awarded. If you ultimately choose not to file legal action, we can assist you with your insurance settlements instead, just as we have done successfully for so many others. However, if you have strong grounds to file a personal injury claim against one or more parties who caused your harm, know that our experienced San Antonio, TX car wreck lawyer team would be honored to build the strongest possible personal injury case on your behalf. We take great pride in advocating for the rights of accident victims. Know that should you choose to move forward with legal action, we will treat you and your case with sincere respect.

How Do I Know if I Have Grounds for Legal Action Following a Car Wreck?

Generally speaking, the law protects the rights of accident victims to seek compensation (often referred to as “damages”) in the event that someone/some entity owed them a duty of care and in breaching that duty of care, directly caused them harm. This is a complex way of saying that if someone was legally responsible for behaving a certain way and in failing to do so caused your injuries, you likely have strong grounds to hold them accountable via the personal injury claims process. Not to over generalize, but you’ll likely have grounds for legal action if someone/another entity was more at-fault for the accident than you were (if you were partially at-fault) and they were acting negligently, recklessly, or in an intentionally dangerous manner at the time of the crash.

When it comes to auto accidents, details matter. Say that you were texting on your phone at the time of your collision. You may initially be under the impression that you’re not entitled to compensation because you were behaving in a negligent way while driving. However, upon investigation, it is revealed that the other motorist involved in your accident was both drunk and dozing off at the time of the crash and had hit a pothole that should have been attended to weeks ago by the state government. In this scenario, you’d likely be able to hold both the other driver and the government responsible for your injuries because they are far more liable for the crash than you were. In short, don’t make assumptions about whether you have grounds for legal action until you’ve spoken with our firm. Once your situation is clarified, the options available to you may surprise you.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you haven’t yet scheduled a risk-free consultation with our experienced San Antonio, TX car wreck lawyer team, please do so now; we look forward to learning more about your legal needs during this challenging time.